What is EduSite?

Edusite was created as a means to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript & other coding languages. This site was entirely made using the coding languages displayed in the first sentence of this text without using a CMS ( Content Management System ) like Wordpress which are used for both ArkRealms as Dregora, two of my other sites serving a real purpose.

My Projects

Dregora webshop

Dregora, firstly known as Craftrealms was created in the year 2014. The website's function is to offer information on and software packages themselves. These packages contain programs to alter the default Minecraft world. The main package required to run any other DLC's ( Downloadable Content ) focuses on the altering of the default Minecraft landscape. The other packages ( DlC's ) either enhance or expand upon this package. There is however a special DLC which adds new functions, and interactive events to the gameplay. The complete package is known as Land of Dregora and is the main motivation behind my knowledge of IT.

ArkRealms Community website

Ark Realms functions as a Community website for multiple gaming servers linked together in a cluster. This website was created using Wordpress which is a CMS ( Content Management System ) The same CMS was used for the Dregora webshop.

Apart from the intro I wanted to go a bit more in-depth since EduSite was created using pure HTML, JavaScript & CSS. Apart from the purpose to learn HTML & CSS this site was also created as part of a school project and as content for a presentation. Part of this will involve my current internship where I will learn more about web development which again will be used to improve this and my other site projects.